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Joshua’s community needs you

I was born in Belo, a small community in Northwest Cameroon, in 1975.

At the age of six, on the death of my father, I was sent to live with my aunt who took care of six children in her house. She has a humble background selling baby dresses and supported me throughout my school days. Upon leaving school, my aunt could no longer afford to support me. Although I passed my A-Levels to enter university in the hope of studying agriculture, I did not have the opportunity.

However I had the thought in my head to develop a project in my community. I knew the people, culture, traditions and environment that are unique to Belo; hence it made perfect sense for me to base my work here. As a result, I founded Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) along with some supporters in 2006; we had to surmount many obstacles to get the project off the ground.
RUDEC was formed with the mission to serve the neediest members of the rural communities of Cameroon’s Boyo Division by creating educational, social and economic empowerment projects.

The project I am proudest of is the “Orphan and Destitute Children Project” which aims to cover the educational, health and basic needs of 57 orphans. They stay with families of our community that take care of them while RUDEC endeavours to raise finance for their school fees, uniforms, materials and health screening. I dream education will result in a deeper understanding and awareness of poor hygiene, HIV and tuberculosis, as in many cases this is what lead to the death of their parents.

This scholarship that I have been selected for will help me to acquire a vast range of skills that I will be able to use to achieve the realization of these projects.

Moreover, I would love RUDEC to become self-sustainable. Currently, we are constantly seeking financial support to enable us to fund our Orphan’s education and care.
Our current projects comprise of selling honey from our hives, pig rearing with a view to selling the animals and a women’s micro-finance project that though generating small returns is vital for the self sufficiency of these women.

Kanthari International Institute addresses people who are solution-driven without considering where participants come from, what social background they have or if they are physically impaired. Nor does it limit the participant’s approach to social change. This way of thinking is in line with RUDEC’S vision, where every member of the community is welcomed and we make every effort to come up with new ideas and find a practical solution.

Your support will enable me to obtain a proper education and the required skills to enable me to make my dreams for Belo, RUDEC and my community become reality.


Flight: 800,000 XAF
Student Visa: 160,000 XAF
Student 1 year insurance: 90,000 XAF
Health check report: 60,000 XAF
Caution: 150,000 XAF
Expenses: 300,000 XAF
Transport: 55,000 XA

Approximate Total 1,600,000CFA (2,500 €)

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