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Rural Development Center Cameroon

RUDEC works to identify opportunities, locate resources and establish appropriate partnerships to provide solutions to communities. RUDEC operates an ‘intake process’ whereby communities identify local needs and consult RUDEC on solutions and strategies for addressing needs. It is understood that local people know their communities best and success is greatest when they are empowered. RUDEC works mainly with international volunteers through the United Nations Volunteer programme.

A community where all residents have access to basic education and health resources,enabling them to improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential.

To actively seek resources, volunteers and methods to effectively employ these in the community development programs and towards the employment of the underprivileged residents.

Behind RUDEC

RUDEC’s short history has been comprised of several key milestones

  • The idea of RUDEC

    The Rural Development Centre was conceptualized in the South West Region of Cameroon.

  • Start of RUDEC

    RUDEC becomes realized in the Boyo Division of the Anglophone North West Region.

  • Start of Camast

    Sustainable Tourism for an independent income.

  • RUDEC becomes a NGO

    RUDEC Germany is established as a recognized non profit in conjunction with and on behalf of RUDEC Cameroon.