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RUDEC works to identify opportunities, locate resources and establish appropriate partnerships to provide solutions to communities.
RUDEC operates an ‘intake process’ whereby communities identify local needs and consult RUDEC on solutions and strategies for addressing needs.
It is understood that local people know their communities best and success is greatest when they are empowered.

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Volunteering in Cameroon- Support RUDEC

International volunteers have become an integral part of RUDEC as an organization. Their time, talent, and resources have helped RUDEC expand in ways unimaginable since its inception in 2006. We have worked with over one-hundred volunteers since then who changed Belo and were changed themselves through their experience with the people and country of Cameroon. We are accepting applications for volunteers who wish to help us with a wide variety of current projects that can be seen on our projects page. We warmly invite you to bring your time and talents to Belo to further help us improve our community!

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