Footsteps Tourism in Cameroon at CAMAST

Cameroon is a destination that is not yet exploited , so visiting Cameroon is like entering a virgin land. Cameroon Association for Sustainable Tourism which is a project within RUDEC is please to inform readers of this blog that we at CAMAST got two partners this first part of the year.

Lion Tourism is a partner with CAMAST this year. We had a group of Tourist from Austria under the leadership of a Professional Guide/ Tour operator and powerful woman call Agnes. We did had a nice colourful cultural day.

Tourists in Cameroon

The Principal of GTHS Njinikejem also spice the day with carrot juice and showed us around her school. It was painful to see also that children learn in this part of the with very little resources as we saw very few computers for many students, saw few sewing machines for many students in that department. Many of the departments were empty if compared to students and their learning tools.

Crooked Trails led by a powerful co-founder Tammy has also join hands with RUDEC and CAMAST to bring tourist to Belo. It was a great day as we move just as the name implies. We visited coffee farms, saw how crops are planted, touch some and saw organic farming in practice.

Tourguide Cameroon

We did also ate foufou corn and Kati-Kati. We were all immense in to the culture and all our client ate with ease and appreciated the meal.The day ended with a donation of  materials by the tourist friends to children at RUDEC for us to share with the children. They also gave a donation T-shirts to support the activities of RUDEC projects and promise a come back-Tammy said. Do you want to see what RUDEC does?

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